Waffle Yard Bangalore

Waffle Addicts! The Waffle Yard Bangalore is at your Service

Hey Waffle Addicts! The Waffle Yard Bangalore is at your Service to treat your taste buds with Delicious Waffles.  Do try it as it’s amongst the Best Restaurants in Bangalore currently.

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Where To Go!

The Waffle Yard

 Ashwath Nagar, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru

Why To Visit

Dear all the Waffle Addicts, if you are looking for a dessert location in Bangalore, The Waffle Yard Bangalore is the place to be at. It serves special kind of waffles which are just out of the world which makes it one of the Bangalore Top Restaurants. If you wish to take ’em home, it is put in a paper bag so that they won’t lose their charm by the time you get home. So don’t forget to visit the Waffle Yard Bangalore.


The Waffle Yard Bangalore can easily accommodate 5 people at a time so you can easily hangout there with your buddies. The menu at Waffle Yard Bangalore has a lot of varieties with a variety of finger foods to end the sweetness with.

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