Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore Coming Soon!

Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore

The Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore is all set to make it’s debut in Bangalore

Do try it as it’s going to be among the Best Restaurants in Bangalore.

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Where To Go!

Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore.

The Cult fitness centre, on 100 Feet Road.

Why To Visit

The Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore is is very famous for it’s Ferrero Rocher cake and these cakes are enough to fill up your tummy. They’re very very famous for their desserts which are just out of the world. The Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore is surely going to boast it all.


The Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore can easily accommodate 5 people at a time so you can easily hangout there with your buddies. The menu at Truffles Indiranagar Bangalore has a lot of varieties with a variety cakes to end the sweetness with.

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