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The COCOON Skill Development Programs Assessment & Demo

The COCOON Skill Development Programs Assessment & Demo

The COCOON Skill Development Programs Assessment & Demo

It promises to be one of the best Professional Events in Chennai. These Technology Events in Chennai are organized by professionals who are skilled to give you the most innovative learning experience. The COCOON Skill Development Programs Assessment & Demo is under Professional Events in Chennai, Technology Events in Chennai, and Business Events in Chennai & Training Programs in India.

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The COCOON Learning Center, a multidimensional Skill Development cum Activity Center is offering FREE Assessment and DEMO Sessions for the following Afterschool Hours SKILL Development Programs

I    The EB Club – English Language Lab

Realizing the toehold English has in India as a language of fluid communication, the EB Club offers an English Programme that provides excellent learning opportunities for children between the age of 2 – 14 years. It focuses on the phonemic learning of the language beginning with sound acoustics to reading and writing letters. The duration of the programme is of 700 hours spread across 7 levels and classes are held for 2 / 3 days a week.

Students are made to use their senses rather than just rote memorization and parroting of information. Since learning happens in a conducive family like environment it is long. It prepares students not only for a life of test but also for the TEST OF LIFE…

The EB Club is a Technology based English Language Lab uses multi-sensory learning approach for all round development of English Language for Children of 2 – 14 Yrs.

The EB Club Promotes and Builds;

Phonetic Awareness, Effective Communications, Fluency & Vocabulary, Reading & Writing, Exposure to Authentic Accent, Logic & Concentration, Confidence & Creativity, Team Building & Sharing.

II   Mastermind ABACUS – The Brain Booster

Mastermind Abacus is a complete Brain Development Program for Kids which can change the course of your kids life!

It develops an ability to utilize the left and right brain functions simultaneously.

Skills that get augmented in the program are,


The children are trained to visualize the abacus and move imaginary beads in their mind when the sums are read out to them. By continuous practice, they learn to visualize and imagine whatever has been taught, like diagrams in biology, maps in geography or any other subject. It also applies to activities other than studies.


For every question to be answered correctly, children have to listen to the sum that is being read and concentrate on it so as to visualize it in their mind. This becomes a habit when exercised regularly throughout the abacus training for a period of 2 and half years. It applies to all subjects by imbibing better listening skills.


While a child visualize the questions on the imaginary abacus after listening to it, they have to apply logic to do the proper movement of beads in the mind. This ability also helps the kids to apply logics in various situations and even in real-life scenarios.

Course Structure of Complete Abacus learning for kids

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