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The Awakening Retreat

The Awakening Retreat

The Awakening Retreat

AspiRise is happy to announce The Awakening Retreat; a spiritual space for truth seekers! This workshop is designed for those who are willing to walk on the fire of transformation and are looking for real freedom. The intention is to help you get a flavor of such joy that isn’t bound by any condition, so you learn to rest in the knowingness of life itself.

On day 1 we will be focussing on understanding our emotions and patterns and recognising them as a doorway to our liberation. Our pillars of learning shall be forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude and surrender and we will practise integrating these higher attributes into our beings. We will share processes that will better equip us to handle ourselves in the midst of emotions. This will indeed bring up our shadows that need our attention and healing. The shadow work is a deeper understanding of the duality principle and will enable us to heal the inner child; thus bringing our shadows into light. A greater emphasis will be laid on understanding our projections and how the world acts as a mirror reflecting back to us exactly who we are. As the perceptions begin to collapse and we emerge in the clarity of who we are, we shall experience a certain quality of freedom we haven’t known before.

The focus on day 2 will be on self enquiry. As a group, we will support each other in going beyond the limitations of our personalities/ identities and encourage the enquiry of who we are. The intention will be to hold longer periods of meditation until silence speaks and reveals itself to us. As the mind retires from being ‘intellectual’, we will witness the expansion of the tender heart opening to all that is. The sense of presence; ‘I Am That’, being the true nature of consciousness, shall settle as our new knowingness into our experience.

These two days will be spent in the lap of nature amidst pristine energies supporting this kind of a transformation work. Participants would be expected to maintain silence most of the times; as it’s conducive to inner healing. We would be offering simple & clean accommodation on sharing basis. The food would be sattvic vegetarian and the day will begin with yoga and pranayam in the mornings. You would be given ample time for rest and reflection. Also, personal time with the facilitator will be given for healing or to address issues that need more clarity.

This retreat is all about being open to love and grace. Certainly, it won’t answer your questions, but it will assist you in releasing those questions. There is a certain quality of life that the restless mind must surrender to. The mystery can never be resolved; the mystery needs to be acknowledged! All that’s required is staying open, acknowledging the design behind it and trusting the process. The highest is sure to manifest!

If you feel a calling and our intention resonates with your heart, you are welcome to experience the divine magic with us.

About our Trainer:
Naz is a Life Coach and a Holistic Healer with over 16 years of experience in analyzing behavior and personality types. Being an emotional therapist, she helps people understand the value of their emotions and works in the area of releasing emotional blockages to heal the self and their personal relationships. She helps clients gain clarity into their needs and aspirations, and supports them to take charge of their lives through affirmative/ empowered thinking; thus enabling their personal journeys towards joyous living. Her work in the area of mindfulness and meditation helps people get in touch with the essence of life and creates a space of allowance for their spiritual blossoming.
She has also been a Corporate Trainer and has worked as an HR professional. Being a co-founder of AspiRise, her motto to enhance the wellbeing of people keeps her driven towards the company’s goal of providing platforms for personal growth and evolution.

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July 20 2018


Start: July 20 @ 11:00 am
End: July 22 @ 12:00 am
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Ananda Kriya Yogashram

Pune Ananda Kriya Yogashram, Watunde Village, Post Kolawade
Pune, India

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