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Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018

Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018 Amusement Events Sports Events Sports Activities Sports Tournaments

The Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018 is coming up this . It promises to be one of the best Amusement Events. These Sports Tournaments in Delhi are organized to provide utmost entertainment.

This is surely going to be one of those amazing sports events in Delhi this 2018.  So don’t miss the Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018.

The Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018 is categorized under Sports Activities in India.

Name of the Event: Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018

Type of Event: Sports Tournaments.

Category of Event: Amusement Events.

Date: 4th Feb 2018

Event City: Delhi.

Time: 07:00 am

Venue: To Be Decided

Description: The Super 6 Soccer League Delhi 2018 is coming up on the 4th Feb 2018 .


“Its not just a ball, its our love. Its not just a stadium, its our home. Its not just a kit, its our skin. Its not just a passion, its an emotion. Its not just a game, its our life.”

You know we are talking about Football when emotions are such high. Football is the biggest sport on planet with thousands of professional players and millions of followers. It is the most played sport on the planet, played by people of all skill, ages and gender . We know that you are one of those millions to which its not just a game but more important than the matter of life and death. Here is a one stop solution to all your footballing needs. LEH LEH Sports proudly announces the 3rd season of SUPER 6 LEAGUE.

Why you should play Super 6 Corporate League:
  • Customized Kits : Numbered Jerseys with logo and team name will be provided for team.
  • Hassle Free Football: Players get to play minimum of 10 games of 30 mins each without worrying about venue, equipment, players to play with.
  • Pocket Friendly: In approx INR 200 per match players get equipment, coaches, digital statistics, referees, jerseys, ball boys, digital pictures, 10 games of 30 mins and a great playing experience.
  • Tactical Football: To win in a game of Football, apart from skillful you have to be really smart. This league will open another side of the game where consistency, perseverance and a larger understanding of the game will be tested.
  • Player & Team Statistics: Player & team statistics will be provided to all the teams to make the competition more exciting.
  • Exciting Prizes: Finalist and individual performers throughout the league will be well awarded with exciting prizes and merchandise.
  • MATCH DURATION : 30 Minutes ( 14 + 2 + 14 )
  • VENUE : Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • TIME : 7 AM – 12 AM, Sundays
  • FORMAT :  League & Playoffs
  • SQUAD : 12 (Minimum 10 player)

Step on to the field. Sweat. Skill. Spirit. Pure Passion. You don’t have to be a professional sport-star to be a ChampionKeep it simple. PLAY!

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February 04 2018


Start: February 4 @ 7:00 am
End: March 25 @ 12:00 pm
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