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Supa Striker Kolkata 2018

Supa Striker Kolkata 2018


The Supa Striker Kolkata 2018 is coming up. It promises to be one of the best Professional Events in Kolkata. These Technology Events in Kolkata are organized by professionals who are skilled to give you the most innovative learning experience.

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The Supa Striker Kolkata 2018 is categorized under Training Programs in India.

Name of the Event: Supa Striker Kolkata 2018

Type of Event: Professional Events in Kolkata.

Category of Event: Technology Events in Kolkata.

Event City: Kolkata.


Build a manually controlled or wireless robot designed to avoid obstacles and score goals. Be prepared to take on other robots to score the maximum number of goals in a proper soccer match.

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February 23 2018


Start: February 23 @ 11:00 am
End: February 25 @ 5:00 pm
Event Categories:


Techno India University

EM 4,Sector V,Saltlake
Kolkata, 700091 India

1) This is a team event.
2) The minimum number of participants allowed per team is 4 and maximum allowed is 8.
3) A team may comprise members from different colleges. No person shall be a member of multiple teams.
4) Damage to the arena, may lead to disqualification of the bot.
5) In case of wirelessly controlled robot there should be 4 channels for controlling the robot.
6) No bot is allowed to pick the ball up or grip it or incorporate the ball within its body, so that it is not playable for the opponent.
7) Machines are not allowed which are constructed using readymade Lego kits or any readymade mechanism.
8) Teams have to show and declare ALL of their bots before their first match itself.
9) The bot used by one team can’t be used by another team.
10) The bot can be totally wired and manually designed.
11) Use of wireless bots is also allowed.
12) The bots can have a shooting mechanism for scoring goals.
13) Use of Pneumatics, hydraulics, lethal weapons like Projectiles, Acids, Sharp Cutters, Strong Electromagnet, Tesla Coil, Fire, EMP are strictly prohibited.
14) The decision of the coordinators will be deemed final.
15) Any or all of the rules are subject to change at any point of time