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Lingana Trek Pune 2018

Lingana Trek Pune 2018

The Lingana Trek Pune 2018 is coming up. It promises to be one of the best Trekking and hiking Events. These Pune Trekking events are organized with utmost energy and your participation would be an amazing experience.

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The Lingana Trek Pune 2018 is categorized under Adventure treks Events.

Name of the Event: Lingana Trek Pune 2018.

Type of Event: Adventure Trek Pune.

Category of Event: Trekking and hiking.

Event City: Pune.


Lingana is a approx 1000 ft pinnacle situated between the Raigad and Torna forts. It was used a penal settlement during Maratha period since getting down from it without technical support can be fatal.

Base Village: Mohiri

Reaching the base of Lingana

From Mohiri there’s an half an hour easy trek, all descent, to Rayling plateau.

This plateau lies in front of the pinnacle giving us a view of the entire climb and Raigad on the west as well.

We’ll have to descend further through Bortyachi Naal, which is a narrow rocky passage between the hills, similar to Nalichi Vaat or Sandhan Valley, only easier and much shorter. From here there’s a steep traverse around the plateau which takes us directly to the base of Lingana.

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March 17 2018


Rockface Adventure Camping & Expeditions – RACE

Pune, India


  • Day 1
  • 1000 hrs: Departure from Pune
  • 1200 hrs: Lunch at Velhe
  • 1430 hrs: Reach Mohiri, start trek
  • 1700 hrs: Reach base of Lingana, start climbing
  • We'll have packed dinner in the cave mid-way through the climb. We'll rest in the cave and will try to summit by early morning. Water cistern is there near the cave.
  • Day2
  • Start rappelling from the summit
  • Packed breakfast in the cave.
  • Rappel down furthur till the base
  • Trek to the base village.
  • Departure to Pune by evening