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Lets Talk with Music

Lets Talk with Music

We, as a society, really have no idea how *suffocated* people are in their emotions. Most people have *nobody* to express themselves entirely to. Everyone is holding back their *vulnerabilities* to maintain the *social image* of a confident and happy person.Heart-to-heart conversations have become *rare, artificial and shallow*. Most hearts are filled with *empty defences*.

Most people can’t even talk to their *life-partners openly* for the fear of being judged or rejected. Emotions await just a release. Social images make sure that weakness is not glorified.

Children have *bottled up* stress. Young people suffer from anxiety and depression.

It is just lack of social support. It is *lack of non-judgmental* friendships. It is a result of *fast and busy lives* where nobody has time to just sit and watch someone cry.

It is a result of *instant and impatient lifestyle* practices, that *emotions have started feeling like a waste of time*.

Let’s let people talk without any fear. Let’s create conversations.*Let’s Start Talking Again

Sunshine in association with Woodpecker Media presents Lets Talk with Music,June 2018.We will be including freestyle dancing to express ourselves during the meet.

Saturday,June 9th 2018 @ Vismaya Centre for Fine Arts,Goregaon East

6pm to 8pm

Register by paying 400 at the earliest

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June 09 2018


Date: June 9
Time: 6:00 pm
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Vismaya Centre For Fine Arts, B-418, Durian Estate, Goregaon – Mulund Link Road, Goregaon (east), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063, Mumbai, India