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Leadership Lecture Series

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The Leadership Lecture Series is coming up. It promises to be one of the best Conferences in Delhi. These Workshops in Delhi are organized by professionals who are skilled to give you the most innovative learning experience.

This is surely going to be one of those important Conferences in India 2018.  So don’t miss the Leadership Lecture Series.

The Leadership Lecture Series is categorized under Conferences and Workshops in Delhi.

Name of the Event: Leadership Lecture Series

Type of Event: Conferences in Delhi.

Category of Event: Workshops in Delhi.

Event City: Delhi


“To foster the spirit of Entrepreneurship among the community of students” E-cell DTU is proud to announce The Leadership Lecture Series as the opening Day of The Entrepreneurship Summit’18. The event wherein speakers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and all those who made an impact with glorious achievements in their spectrum of work, would be present and share their story of their immense hard work and the problems they faced, The solutions they devised to stand where they are today! Leaders and speakers would be selected from a number of fields including Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Politics, Economy and many more.
Be Ready to be amazed!

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The Leadership Lecture Series is surely going to be one of the best Upcoming Conferences in India. The event is categorized under Workshops in Delhi & Conferences in Delhi.

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