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Pawna Lake Lakeside camping

Pawna Lake Lakeside camping

The Pawna Lake Lakeside camping is coming up. It promises to be one of the best Camping in Pune Events. These Camping in India events are organized with utmost energy and your participation would be an amazing experience.

These Camping in India Events are totally for all the Nature and Adventure Enthusiasts. So don’t miss the Pawna Lake Lakeside camping.

The Pawna Lake Lakeside camping is categorized under Adventure camp Pune Events.

Name of the Event: Pawna Lake Lakeside camping.

Type of Event: Adventure camp Pune

Category of Event: Camping in Pune

Description: Your campsite nestles in the greenery at the secluded end of Pavna Lake, creating a small paradise for you, just right for a quick weekend break! When the temperature drops (Nov-Mar), the chilly nights make the bonfire even more fun. You’ll camp in weather-proof tents with foam mats to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, with comfort facilities like dry toilet tents with Western commodes. The meals are delicious, and there’s plenty to do and explore. But if you just want to lie back on a hammock and admire the lake, that’s fine too.

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The Pawna Lake Lakeside camping is surely going to be one of the best Upcoming Camping in India events. The event is categorized under Camping Sites near Pune & Camping in Pune events.

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