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Flash Photography and Light Diffusion Workshop Kolkata

Flash Photography and Light Diffusion Workshop Kolkata

Workshop on flash photography and light diffusion for Macro Photographers People appreciate good photographs. However, for a photo to succeed, it has to resonate with the viewer’s thoughts and perceptions. Therefore, we should create emotions, which is the foundation for all forms of photography ranging from the subject to its composition. In macro photography, the strongest tool to capture emotion is quite simply the light. Most macro photographers know that light is very important, but it’s still something everyone strives to learn about and improve. If one can master the light, he can then excel in macro photography. Different qualities of light — brightness, contrast, direction and so on — all carry their own emotions. Unfortunately, we never questioned ourselves, ‘Why are my pictures not as good as the ones out there that I admire?’ The answer to which is very simple – lack of diffused light, which plays a major role. We very rarely explore things extensively about our light diffusion from the internal or external flash used. Rather we often buy a specialized diffuser from open market, which we mount onto our flash. We have to take into account that these are commercial products that are made to be sold but in most cases, they may not serve our purpose. So, even though we use such basic diffusers, the light from the flash is either sharp, too much in contrast or burn the subject or unable to provide enough details in the shadows. The main reason is they either diffuse the light from a spot too close to the flash or they diffuse to over soften the light. Another problem is the diffusion of the light before the lens as they do not consider the length of our lens in use. We are also not aware of the placement of our diffuser and no such provision is provided in the commercially available diffusers. The advance learners often think that possession of costly gears, like ring light or twin flash will offer them full freedom from shadows in their macro pictures. Nevertheless, unless you know the tricks of effective utilization by suitable application of diffuser, you cannot bring emotions in your pictures.

Scheduled Date: 10th June 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 7.30 am to 11.30 am

Venue: Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary

Meeting Point : Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary Main Gate

Meeting Time : 7.15 am

Things to carry

Things to carry

1. Your camera duly charged
2. Your lenses you use for Macro
3. External flash (with charged batteries) you use if any
4. Your present diffuser you use if any

Keeping in view all of the above, the workshop will cover the following:

Concept of emotions in macro photography
Application of flash for macro photography
Concept and importance of diffused light in macro photography
General concept of light diffusion technique
Material concept in respect of application for light diffusion
Basic techniques for preparing homemade diffuser
Techniques of customization of diffuser
General principle of placement of diffuser on flash head for all kinds of flashes
An interactive session of question & answer
Explanation showing pictures on proper light diffusion and how that contributes to emotion in pictures

Indranil is a passionate insect photographer and a photojournalist on insect life. He prefers to create his own brand of documentary photography on insect life which conveys an emotional connection with the small insect world and explores new avenues to create awareness among people. He travels widely in the wildlife and wild places. He works majorly in remote areas, often choosing to work with a particular species. It is his desire to immerse himself completely into his subject to capture moments for the photo story of insect behavior that have seldom been seen before, let alone photographed. His articles on insect life have been published on many leading wildlife magazines.

Workshop fee

Rs 1000 per head inclusive of all taxes

Cancellation policy

All cancellations before 30 days of the event date – 100% refund
All cancellations between 20 – 30 days of the event date – 50% refund
All cancellations within 20 days of the event date – No refund possible



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Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary, Narendrapur (RATH TALA), Kolkata, India