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Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai

Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai Marathons in Mumbai Running marathons Running events Marathons in India

The Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai is coming up. It promises to be one of the best Marathons in Mumbai. These Running events are organized with utmost energy and your participation would be an amazing experience.

This is surely going to be one of those energetic Marathons in India. So don’t miss the Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai.

The Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai is categorized under Running events in Mumbai.

Name of the Event: Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai

Type of Event: Running events in Mumbai.

Category of Event: Marathons in Mumbai.

Event City: Mumbai.

Description: The participant has to complete 30 days challenge. The participant has to cycle minimum of 5 km per day for 15 days and run a minimum of 2 km per day for 15 days. The sequence of the run/cycling can be any permutation or combination, which the runner is comfortable with. By the end of 30 days, he should have completed 15 days of run and 15 days of cycling in total. The participant completing 30 days of duathlon challenge will be eligible for a finisher’s medal and e-certificate.

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The Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai is categorized under Marathons in Mumbai, Running marathons and Marathons in India. You can get to know about more about these Conferences in Mumbai and Workshops in Mumbai right here. These runs always tend to have a social cause. So don’t miss these events.

The Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai is surely going to be one of the best Upcoming Marathons in Mumbai. The event is categorized under Running marathons & Running events in Mumbai.

The Big Duathlon Challenge 2018 Mumbai would ensure that you have some amazing time out there. The running surely increases the fitness. And these runs tent to increase motivation as well. So don’t miss it. These Marathons in India are a must go.

These events are organized by the respective organizers and all security measures are taken. We suggest that you carry your identity proof to the event. Just in case to avoid any chaos at the event location. For any issues or inconvenience caused at the location. The event management holds the final decision. The ticketing company isn’t liable post entry.

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February 07 2018


Date: February 7
Time: 8:00 am
Event Categories:


The information given by me/my ward in this application form is true and me/my ward is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Have fully understood the risk and responsibility of participating in BIG Duathlon Challenge 2018 or any event mentioned in this application form and will be participating at my/her/his risk and responsibility.

I/my ward understand the risk of participating on a course with vehicular traffic even if the course may be regulated or policed.

Understand that I/my ward must be of and must train at an appropriate level of fitness to participate in such a physically demanding event and I / my ward has obtained a medical clearance from an registered medical practitioner. Allowing me/my ward to participate inthe event.

For my selves/ourselves and our legal representatives, waive all claims of whatsoever nature against any and all sponsors of the event and all other persons associated with the event.

Agree that if I /my ward is injured and or taken ill or otherwise suffer/s any detriment whatsoever,I irrevocably authorize the event officials and sponsors to, at my risk and cost, transport me/my ward to a medical facility and/or to administer emergency medical treatment and I /my ward waive/s all claims that might result from such transport or treatment.

I agree that shall oblige the event officials or organizers or any other person to incur any expense or to provide any transport or treatment.

In case of an event or injury caused to me or my ward or death suffered by me or my ward due to force majeure event including but not limited to fire, riots, or any other civil disturbances, earthquakes, typhoons or any other terrorist act, none of the sponsors of the event or any political entity or authorities and officials or any contractor or construction firms working or near the course or any individuals associated with BIG Duathlon Challenge 2018 shall be held liable by me/my ward or my ward/my representatives.

Understand and agree that the organizers may be using my/my ward’s photograph/ timing logged for the sole purpose of event promotions at its own discretion.

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