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5 Adventure Places in India Everyone Must Visit


Who doesn’t love adventure? Everybody needs the thrill in their life which makes them feel that they are ‘Alive’. These Best Travel Places in India are A Must Visit.
Here are 5 Adventure Places in India Everyone Must Visit so that they feel ecstatic and Feel The Need For Speed in their lives.

Adventure Tourism has been on a high since a long time now. If you are adventurous at heart, love to be around towering peaks and mountains, fascinating rivers and natural marvels. The Indian subcontinent has become a huge spot for all the adventurous sports around the world.

Here’s a list of  5 Adventure Places in India we feel Everyone Must Visit and experience the Adventure Tourism that our country boasts

Skiing in Kashmir

Adventure Places in India

Popularly tagged as The Heaven of Earth, the beautiful Kashmir is known for hosting one of the best services in Snowboarding, ice-skating and Skiing. Snowboarding is again an amazing option for the first timers on the track with gentler slopes which give enough time to adjust to the conditions. Adventure tourism in this part has seen a huge rise.

Skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir, is a Once in a lifetime experience which brings the thrill of alpine sports surrounded by majestic mountains and a cover of nature. Skiing can surely help you bring out the adventure in you and one can just glaze through the snow in Kashmir without having to care about anything in the world. It feels like roaming around in the clouds with the stress of daily life too far away.

Scuba Diving in Andaman

adventure sports

Scuba diving is the biggest attraction on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. They are surely an amazing spot for relaxing around and tasting the delicacy of seafood but if you are to visit Andaman, then Scuba diving must surely be on your ‘TO DO’ List.

December to April are termed as the best months to take a dip in the Andaman waters making it one in a lifetime experience. One can feel the quietness of the sea along with with the lush green trees once your back from the waters. This Majestic Indian ocean promises wonderful scuba diving experience which will make you feel capticated to the waters of Andaman.

Sky Diving In Deesa, Gujarat

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This wonderful lakeside city in Gujarat is one of the top spots for skydiving in India. Fly into a thrilling experience in the majestic blue sky with the winds coming right at you helping you forget everything. Deesa happens to be India’s first certified drop-zone hence making you feel safe and secured.

Dive down to fall free from the sky and kiss the earth below. Enjoy the spectacular landscape beauty of Deesa as this 45 minutes adventure is totally worth appreciating.

Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh

adventure sports in rishikesh

Rishikesh has proven to be one of the best spots for adrenaline junkies around the country. Rishikesh has the power to be at the top of the list and ensure it’s a safe ride since the jumping platform is fixed to a crane and is at a relatively low height, this could well be your first attempt at bungee jumping in India.

Adventure sports in Rishikesh have seen a high since a very long time as the city boasts a fantastic atmosphere for this kind of activity hence these adventure sports in rishikesh are a must go. Adventure Sports in Rishikesh are surely the best in the country.

Paragliding at Ladakh

best travel places in india

Everybody dreams of growing wings like a bird and feel free and fly. Now experience this in reality, just close your eyes and get set to glide through the air softly. Paragliding in Led is going to make all those dreams come true. Ladakh happens to be an ideal place for this unforgettable experience throught the high altitutes. Surrounded by winds and mountains and the breeze blowing through your face.

This adventure requires to be strong at hear as it mentally as well as physically challenging. People with normal BP must only go through for this.

We hope this list of best travel places in india helps you finalize your bucket list.  Theses Adventure Places in India would be one of the best places to visit as they boast a huge variety of adventure sports which would be very exciting.

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